A Quiet Sunday Reflection

In the busyness of life, sometimes we forget to cherish the quiet moments. Over the years, I’ve taken lots of photos of life around the Randall Homestead and some have never been shared.  In between the rush, you can find little magic if you know where to look.

I am almost finished with the kitchen makeover, and am working on some other fun things for this blog, but I thought today I would simply share some of my favorite photos from my life to honor the moments of the in-between.



cookies flower in sun grass drinking in the sunlight isis lavender and orange sunset Oliver sun sunset in nov 15 sunset sept 2015 sunshine peony chance sleepingflowers in sunlight succulent in teacup 1 lilacs 2 little blue flowers little leaf my hunny_edited-1 oliver on a walk in snow george wythsumma sunshine bw tomatoes 8 23 15 tulips 1 window sunset snow

Enjoy the little moments, and especially be aware when the little moments are happening. The moments make the life.

Happy Sunday, and I hope it’s filled with little magic.

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