A Vulnerable Post About Armpits


This is perhaps the post that I’ve been most scared of writing. Hell, I’m even afraid to post the photos I had taken for this post. But the fear reminds me that it is necessary.

Part of my spirituality is being a steward of the Earth and a steward of my body. It’s always difficult to change all of your behaviors at once, so I have been slowly beginning to use more eco-friendly products as time goes on.

I never thought that switching over to a natural product would have such a profound effect on my life, but the fact that it has just shows you how important it is.

In the spring of 2014, I switched to natural deoderant. It has been a long journey to finding the product for me, which is why I feel compelled to share my story.

I used to use Dove deodorant and first switched to Tom’s of Maine because it was available at my local grocery store. The first thing I noticed when I switched, as many would guess, was that I smelled more. But the thing that worried me about the smell was that I had never smelled that bad before. To me, this solidified my choice in switching to natural deodorant because I couldn’t imagine all the bad chemicals that must have been used to keep me from smelling bad.

The next thing I noticed was that my armpits would go through stages of itching, then hurting, then being really rough. This cycle continued for over a year until I found the deodorant for me. After Tom’s of Maine, I tried another kind that was available at the grocery store, but my armpits still hurt.


Finally, after a lot of research (because people have a hard time talking about armpit problems) I found out about a product called Soapwalla. Soapwalla deodorant is a natural, mostly organic product that you use your fingers to apply to your armpits. This was really weird for me at first, but it doesn’t bother me anymore.

Anyways, the blog that led me to Soapwalla RAVED about it, so I found the product (sold on etsy) and despite the steep price tag ($14/jar+$5 shipping-EEK!) I bought it. Right away, I realized that it definitely worked to help me not smell bad, but my cycle of itchiness->pain->rough skin continued. I really thought that I would have to try ANOTHER product, but eventually, it got better. Now, the only weird thing about my armpits is the color. While I’m not a dermatologist or armpit expert, I assume the darker color of my armpits is due to using natural products and is the natural state of my armpits.

While Soapwalla is expensive, one jar lasted me 4 months. I do smell on REALLY hot days (don’t we all?), but normally, I stay pretty dry and odor-free. If you do try Soapwalla, be sure you shave your armpits at night and don’t put it on until the morning, otherwise this may cause irritation.

So if you are interested in gradually switching to natural products and care about what sorts of chemicals are used on your body, I encourage you to try changing deodorant first! Although it can seem scary, it is one change that I have surely benefited from.


***I not have any affiliation with the company, nor do I receive any compensation for recommending them. This is my 100% honest opinion.***

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