“And In This Moment I Am Happy.”

Last night, I had a mini photoshoot with myself. Doing more self-portraits have been something I’ve been dying to do. It was so much fun, and I really feel like I honored myself by doing that.

I must be nearing the end of the get shit done part of my cycle because last night I slept for 10.5 hours. I woke feeling joyful and refreshed, and I breathed in the deep gratitude I have for the life I have built.

I sat down to work, and my puppy kept jumping on me, so I decided we should go for a short walk. After our walk, I did a few Sun Salutations in the yard while my two younger dogs chased each other around. Lilith kept coming to lay with me and lick me in the face while I was in upward and downward dog.

I am feeling the joy of this beautiful day and wanted to share it with my sisters. 

I hope you all have a day that fills your heart with joy.

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