Clear + Electric

Breakthroughs do not come easily. 

They are so precious that they require a great deal of work. Messy work. Hard work.

This weekend, I had a bit of a breakdown, which ended up being soooooo good for me.

The past few days, I have such a sense of peace and clarity. I feel lighter.

I have been working with so many people who I would consider healers. Even the people in my life are healers. Pain and desperation are healers. All the things I have learned are coming together, along with my intuition, and I’m hearing my intuition so clearly it’s amazing.

Some things that have moved through me since this weekend are,

-It is safe for me to give myself what I need
-It is safe for me to care for myself
-It is safe for me to relax completely
-It is safe for me to let go of other people’s energy
-It is safe for me to let go of the extra weight I’m carrying.


There is something to the fact that I need permission, even from myself, to let go. There is something to the fact that I have to remind myself that it’s safe. I will definitely be exploring this deeper.

After feeling so shitty for so long, mmmmm life feels electric right now.

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