Easing Into a More Natural Lifestyle

Hello, all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I figured I would write a super quick post near and dear to my heart.

One of my biggest passions is being a steward of the Earth, which means living more naturally, reducing my carbon footprint, and using natural products. I’m not perfect by any means, but in my opinion, any small change is a good one!

When I was starting out, switching over all at once seemed very overwhelming. I still am not to the point where I use completely natural/organic make up or clothes, but I have made many changes to my lifestyle.

Here is a small list of ways that you can ease your family into a more natural lifestyle, if you would like.



-Use Natural Cleaners

One of the first swaps I made in my house was cleaners. I used to use 409 or other harsh store-bought cleaners in my house, but now I use a mix of Dawn and vinegar. I don’t really measure it out…just whatever looks good to me. I use this mixture as an all-purpose cleaner, such as on the kitchen counters or stovetop, bathroom sink/counter, and even to clean up dog messes. It makes me feel better to use something gentle in my house.

Another fun cleaner I found while attempting to clean the rust off of my stainless steel stove. I recently replaced the cabinet pulls to chrome, and they are GORGEOUS. So shiny, so sharp!IMG_3479

But then I noticed how grimy and bad my stove looked. I looked online for new stoves, then realized that was really stupid. I realized I just had to put in some elbow grease with the right product. IMG_3482

I realized that of course, I wanted to use a natural product, so I googled my problem, and voila!

I found the solution!

Cream of Tartar and Lemon juice mixed into a paste, rub it onto the stove, let sit for a minute, then SCRUB, SCRUB, SCRUB!!!

I have to admit, this one had me a little out of breath. But just LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL IT LOOKS NOW!


It may take a little more effort, but there are usually natural solutions to your problems.

-Switch to recycled toilet paper

This one took me a little longer to try. Like everyone else, I’ll admit, I was nervous to try recycled toilet paper. I didn’t know if the toilet paper was recycled, or if it was recycled paper. After a DUH moment, I decided to try. At that point, there was only 1 choice in the store for recycled toilet paper: Seventh Generation. Let me just say, it’s definitely not as soft as regular TP, and it was a little more expensive at $8-$9 for a 12 pack.

Then, another company showed up in Target: The Honest Company. All I have to say is, if given the choice, CHOOSE THE HONEST COMPANY. So soft, and less expensive at $6.99 for a 12 pack. This is actually the same price as the other TP I used to use, so it’s definitely a good choice for me!

-Stop using plastic grocery bags

This is my most recent flip. One day, I was getting the recycling ready and out came a MOUNTAIN of plastic bags. It was literally a mountain, and I was ashamed. This really made me decide to made the change.

Honestly, this was a super awesome decision because it was the project that finally made me learn how to use my sewing machine. The very first Earth Bag I made took 10 HOURS!! But after I figured everything out and then adapted the pattern to my liking, it went more smoothly.


I have made over 20 of these bags, some for myself, some for others, and I feel so happy when I use them. Not only are they cute as a button, but they are truly making an impact on the Earth. A plastic bag takes between 20-1000 years to decompose, and it’s estimated that Americans throw away 100 billion plastic bags. Let that sink in for a moment.

-Switch to a DivaCup (or other menstrual cup)

I devoted a whole post to this wonderful item for a woman’s Moon Time, so I won’t go into too many details again. If you are a woman that is still menstruating, PLEASE try the DivaCup, or other type of menstrual cup.

diva cups

Women menstruate 30-40 years, and in that time, she uses around 10,000 tampons. While tampons don’t take quite as long as plastic bags to decompose, they do take 6 months. Do not be afraid of the menstrual cup! Yes, it may take you a day or two to get used to it (just like when you started using tampons), but you will get it!

-Do you drink coffee every day? Use a reusable coffee filter! 

coffee filter

Another super easy switch that requires almost no effort is switching from paper filters to reusable filters. They usually cost about $5-$6 at the store and are well worth it!

-Use that Tupperware (or Gladware, whatever you prefer).

STOP USING PLASTIC BAGGIES!! Another useless thing that goes into the landfill.


-Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

The tried and true method of living naturally.

Reduce the waste you produce by following some of my guidelines above. This is really the most important, in my opinion, but not always the easiest.

Reuse items! Repurposing is all the rage right now, and shopping second hand is also reusing! Producing items costs resources. When you buy items second hand, you are helping to reduce the amount of resources used in the world.

Recycle everything you possibly can. I recycle all the normal items, but if I go out to eat, I recycle the containers they give me. I will recycle straws, the little plastic containers my contacts come in, hangers, etc.


Do any of these resonate for you? What do you think will be easy for you to change? What will be difficult? Leave me a message in the comments below!




2 thoughts on “Easing Into a More Natural Lifestyle

  1. Mindy

    Those are great tips about the cleaners! I’ll have to give them a try. An addition n to the reusable grocery bags is reusable produce bags too. A coworker told me about them and I just ordered my first set – should be great to use rather than wasting all those plastic baggies. I also always have a coffee mug (hot and cold) at my desk at work so I don’t use the paper cups when I go out to grab a coffee. Little things like that can really add up and I think it’s great that people start taking those little steps.

    1. La Rae Awakened Post author

      Yes, reusable produce bags are great too!! I agree, I hate using those little baggies at the store! I just use the same reusable grocery bags for my product. I have a smaller one I use for that purpose 🙂 I agree, using an actual coffee mug is so much better than the styrofoam cups or insulated cardboard cups. When I can remember, I do take my travel mug with me to the coffee shop so I don’t use theirs, either! Glad you liked the post 🙂


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