Easy DIY Window Update

As I’ve mentioned before, our 1920s school turned house lacks a lot of character. It’s a rather boxy house with pretty much none of the cool things that I love (having grown up in a Queen Anne house, I love a house with character!)

My husband Chris and I fell in love with this house for two main reasons: it’s an acreage and it was just over $100,000. Many houses in our area are far more expensive than this for much less. So when we found this house, we had to have it. I have been dealing with the lack of character slowly, but surely. We plan on re-siding in the spring and will be adding really pretty window trim when we do. But for now, I decided to complete a DIY project that I have been thinking of for a while: adding faux window grids with electrical tape.

So far, I have only done this one window, which cost $5 and took an hour. It would have actually been cheaper if our small town hardware store had a better variety of tape; I had to buy a 5-pack of different colored tapes to get the white tape in the width I wanted. Once I get around to doing all the other windows, I am sure the tape will be cheaper if I go to a store in town.

Before I started the project, I did research on styles of grids and decided to mix standard rectangular on the smaller windows and prairie in the large middle window.

Here is the view from the outside:

faux window grille collage

Don’t mind the dirty siding!! As you can see, the tape adds a ton of character!!

View from the inside. It looks sooooooooooooo nice!


I did this project using 1/2 inch pvc electrical tape, a blue sewing pencil, a razor blade to cut and a credit card to smooth it out. It’s probably not EXACTLY symmetrical, but I think I did very well! Also, the tape is forgiving if you have to peel it up and re-try for a straight line.

This is why I love DIY! You get to be super creative and resourceful in order to create the house you love with the budget you have.

What do you think of this super simple, cheap solution?? Have you ever thought of doing something like this before??

Let me know in the comments!


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