Fall & Abundance

My new idea of abundance:



Today is September 30, 2015. A little over 3 short months ago, I planted my very first garden. I have had so much success, but the best part is that I learned that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I thought I would fail, that my crops wouldn’t grow or I would get too lazy to care for the little souls in my care. But I remained enthralled with each new life.

Today, September 30, 2015, I picked probably one of my last crops. My cucumber plant, which I thought was done, decided to gift me with two more huge cucumbers. I picked about 5 more pounds of tomatoes, I could’ve picked 100 more jalapenos, and I think my onions won’t get to maturity. I also had some raspberries, one ripe, which I joyfully ate during my work.

Tomorrow will be October. the last month of the Wiccan year. Strangely, I feel much more attuned to Mother Nature’s year right now than to the human calendar year. This year has been incredibly difficult, yet exactly what I needed. This last garden haul, which is bringing tears to my eyes, has helped me realize how much I myself have grown over this summer.

Thank you, Universe and Mother Nature, for giving me these gifts. I promise to always care for you.

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