Focus on Love.

So today is International Peace Day, and peace is something I have always believed in but could never achieve within myself.
There are so many lessons I have learned just even in  the past week that are leading me towards the path of peace, which I am so thankful for!
One major thing that has been helping me lately is this:
I am an empath, which means many times I take on the energy and emotions of others. I also was born to be a world-changer, but a world-changer cannot change the world if he or she is constantly drained from the sadness in the world. So I have been working very hard on actually NOT reading too much about the bad things that happen in the world because it doesn’t do any good to allow those bad things to break my heart. Instead, I am simply focusing on doing what I can to make the world a better place.
Maybe you think this is naive, but it is the only way I can function without completely shutting down. I can’t watch the news and be completely emotionally shattered. I can’t allow the sadness of the world to swallow me whole.
So if you find that you are completely heart-broken by the world….maybe it’s a good thing to take a break from watching the news and focus on love.
I pray that we can all find peace.
La Rae

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