Meet La Rae


Hello there, wild, wandering soul.

I am La Rae, an old soul in a twenty-something body, on a journey to be a free spirit, living & spreading joy, love, truth, & light.

I have been on a path of awakening for quite some time, and if you are here, chances are you have been too.

If you are looking for inspiration and hope, you can find it here. If you are looking for someone to share with you in your sorrows, you too can find that here. If you are trying to navigate changes in your life, oh dear soul, I know what that feels like.

Read the words and experiences I have lived through in these digital pages. If you would like assistance along your path, I would be honored to join you as a guide.

Onward in Life, Love + Awakening,

La Rae



(PC: Jenni Chung Photography, Nicole Harnois Photography, + Sally Kleiss Timmer Photography)