How My Money Mindset Kept Me From My Spirituality

As you may know, I am a lover of all things self-help/spiritual growth. I’ve been a part of MANY programs that have all helped me along my own path of growth. And TWO of those programs/memberships aided in this week’s aha that I am going to share with you 🙂

I have been a part of Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp for about 18 months.

I’ve been doing the course at my own pace, of course, and I learn more about myself all the time. Recently I uncovered a money memory around my mom and her own money blocks. When I Was growing up, anything EXTRA was a luxury. My mom would often buy off-brand items at the store, we wore lots of hand-me-downs, etc, etc. She would get SO MAD when my dad would buy name-brand items, or anything that was EXTRA. Even when she was shopping for her dress to wear to my wedding, she bought a $15 dress just because it was cheap; she didn’t buy what she really wanted, she bought something she thought was affordable.

Uncovering this money memory and money block was HUGE to me because I realized how much I was doing that too. I have so many memories about how I would put nail polish in my shopping cart, and even though it was cheap, I would put it back before I went to the checkout line because I didn’t NEED it.

I’ve done this so many times in my life. Even if I really wanted something, if it wasn’t a NEED, I wouldn’t typically buy the item.

Another group I’ve been a part of for the same amount of time is The Creative Sisterhood with my amazing mentor Becca Piastrelli .

This is an amazing group of women who believe in the healing power of sisterhood and creating with our hands. Every month we receive a creative guidebook with a ritual/craft for the month and some journal prompts. For September 2017, our theme was Harvest and our creative project was an abundance broom.

I must admit, I love being a part of this group, but I’ve never actually DONE THE CREATIVE PROJECTS!!! How weird? I couldn’t place my finger on WHY, but I just never did. September’s project though is definitely something I could get behind. Abundance is the name of the game in my book, and I love doing things that attract abundance.

But September almost passed me by completely, when another sister in the group did the project and shared a photo. Which of course reminded me how awful I am by not doing it yet.

I was in town near the craft store and I thought, “I AM GOING TO DO THIS!!!” Before I could talk myself out of it, I parked, walked in, and start looking. The materials only cost me $15, and I got sooooo very excited about making my abundance broom.

As I was driving home, I realized how these two things, my money memory and my lack of participating in the creative project/ritual, intersected. My spirituality is EXTRA. It requires RITUAL. It requires attention, care, inspiration, and sometimes it requires that I do things that I don’t NEED. Maybe you saw that coming from the beginning, but it was really like I was blind and now I could see.

My money mindset has always kept me from my spirituality. I always want to buy crystals, oils, pendulums, oracle cards, but never allow myself to because they are EXTRA, I don’t actually need them. But they are part of who I am.

I am a witch. Witchy accessories connect me to the divine. And I deserve that. I deserve to feel oneness with the divine. Sigh. Even writing that filled me with joy.

There is no inherent meaning to life. But the beauty of that is that each and every one of us are allowed to CREATE our own meaning. And I want one of the most meaningful aspects of my life to be MAGIC. If that means I have to be “extra,” then I will gladly be.

And as an aside, I ALWAYS buy the nail polish now 😉

So mote it be!

Until next time, beautiful lifers!


La Rae

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