How to be an adventurer when you can’t go on adventures

Hello again friends! I am so excited to have another blog post up so quickly. This one is a set of ideas that I have had in my brain for some time now, but didn’t know how to formulate them. That I actually have I’ve felt for so long-that the feelings, emotions, and lessons are there, but I wasn’t able to pull them into cohesive thoughts.

Today, I am going to talk about a huge change our marriage has gone through since my husband hurt his back last year, and if you can’t tell by the title of this post, it’s adventures. Our relationship has been full of adventures, including traveling the world together, going on walks/hikes, climbing trees over rivers, trying new restaurants, going to various new towns, etc. So when he hurt his back, we couldn’t do these things anymore. We honestly still can’t do many of the things that we have loved.

For a long time, this made me really angry, and not being able to go on adventures made me so depressed because I identify myself as an adventurer. It is only now, after a year and a half of living this part of our life, that I have come to find ways to still be an adventurer when you’re not able to go on adventures.

  1. Explore locally: When was the last time you did tourist-y things in your own town?? There are usually many cool things to do; museums, restaurants, walking/biking trails, etc, that you could see for the first time, or re-discover with new eyes. Another thing that really helped me with this one was gardening. When you plant food, you really begin to notice the little things. You get excited when you see even the smallest cucumber growing, or when the berries are just starting to come in.
  2. Learn more about the places you’d like to visit: Through the internet, chances are you can gather so much information about all the places you’d eventually like to visit. For a very long time, I was obsessed with Oregon, even though I’ve never been there. I created a board in Pinterest for things just about Oregon. Through photos, videos, and other bloggers, I felt like I was there. Then earlier this year, I began to be obsessed with New Mexico. I could feel my own personal energy shift from adventure (Oregon) to wisdom (New Mexico). So I did the same thing. It’s a way to virtually visit or live in a place, and it’s amazing.
  3. Make a bucket list: My husband will hopefully not be hurt forever, so piggy backing on the above suggestion, create a list of places you want to go or live. This is also an amazing way to create a vision board or a painted picture.
  4. Notice the things around you:  When my husband got hurt in March of 2015, we had to stop moving at such a fast pace, and since he can’t drive for very long in a car, we stopped going on long road trips. This made me feel incredibly stuck. Our plans have always included leaving Iowa to find a place that suits us better in terms of climate as well as social opportunities. These dreams were certainly put on hold. But, what I thought of as “stuck,” I now see as “blooming where I’m planted.” When my husband and I were in our prime adventure time, we traveled outside the country 3 times, and were always searching for something NEW. The problem with newness, though, is that  you usually only notice the big things. Once we were in the same place for a longer period of time without being able to do anything extravagant, I started noticing patterns. Last year, I noticed many thing for the first time. I’m not saying that I’d never seen these things before, but I NOTICED them for the first time. I noticed fields full of lightning bugs and fireflies. It was astonishing. The beauty knocked the wind out of me. I noticed that these beautiful creatures start coming out early-mid June. Last year, I noticed the Milky Way for the first time. I know that the wildflowers are at their peak in July. I have officially deemed July as the most incredible, magical time in Iowa. I also know that the light changes in the fall. The winter, while brutal, can also bring beauty, such as sun dogs. So although I originally hated Iowa and couldn’t wait to get away, I now know the true beauty of it.
  5. Find a hobby that requires you to notice: As a photographer, I’m always trying to notice small yet important moments. But sometimes you need to also take your ability to notice in your own yard, neighborhood, or town. Here are some instances where I wouldn’t have seen the beauty if I hadn’t noticed.sunset july 2016 summer sky 2016 sky at dawn queen annes lace 2016 oliver close up little blue flowers lilies 2016 lili 8 chance 1 grass drinking in the sunlight window I also feel like my love of Interior Design has been taken to a new level because I’m noticing more how colors and textures are working together.
  6. Develop your sense: living on an acreage, I am constantly surrounded by beauty. Sometimes with all of the wonderful things going on, birds chirping, window blowing, smell of fires or flowers, seeing the sunset, one can actually get overwhelmed with beauty. To allow myself to completely soak in the beauty, I try to use only one or two senses at a time. I will close my eyes so I can hear the birds and feel the wind. I will cover my ears so I can focus on what I see. I will plug my nose and close my eyes, or any combination. This is a wonderful way to work on noticing and feeling.
  7. Track your cycle: Now, most of my readers are women, and this may or may not be directed towards women, but I guess men have their own cycles too, so take it how you will. Starting to pay attention to my moon cycle has really helped me start noticing patterns within my energy, moods, emotions, and body. I have been using an app on my phone called Clue to help me do this. One of the best things I’ve ever done as a woman is start to honor and notice my moon cycle, especially because this brings me closer to myself, the Earth, the Moon, and to my female lineage. This has also helped me feel like a little adventurer/explorer/scientist.

This list may evolve over time, but I wanted to give everyone some ideas on how to make the best of a situation that you may not love. I believe that everything happens FOR us, even bad things. Sometimes the bad things happen to give us experience, or sometimes it’s just meant to guide us to become who we are meant to become.

I hope you can view your world with new eyes.

La Rae

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