So as you can tell, I’m pretty fricken excited.

At the beginning of the year, I made a goal of hitting $10,000 in gross income each month. This month, I almost hit that goal!

Before I show you the final number for June 2017, I want to make it abundantly clear about how I got here:

  1. I started a business 4 years ago.
  2. I had people around me who believed in me enough to keep me going when I wanted to quit.
  3. I continued learning, growing, and getting better at my craft.
  4. I expanded my offerings to fit client need.
  5. I started adding in multiple streams of income (The average millionaire has 7 streams of income…I work 2+ businesses simultaneously! Working on developing more!)
  6. I worked through my money mindset to change the negative thoughts/habits I had around money.  I cannot emphasize enough how important this is! If you are not in a place to RECEIVE ABUNDANCE, you won’t.
  7. I have emotionally worked through a LOT OF SHIT in the past 5-6 years. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. If you do not sort through negative emotions, bad memories, and the like, you won’t be able to even do business. Business is said to be one of the most spiritual practices, and that is 100% correct.

I also want to make it abundantly clear that this number is GROSS INCOME, not NET INCOME. I pay my associates and my husband, which is a large chunk, and with this money, I made some larger equipment purchases in order to up the ante in my business again.

So without further ado, here is my final number for June:

$9,493!!!!! BAZINGA BITCHES. 

In June, my income MOSTLY came from my wedding photography/videography company, but also received income from my part time job (which I also quit in June), and from sales and commission from my direct sales company, Girl Boss Lips, which is part of SeneGence, International.

As you may remember, my words for 2017 are NOURISH and RECEIVE. These two words and how I’ve been living them are also very much a part of this awesome month I had.

You see, I finally nourished myself by leaving my job and working for myself. I continue to nourish myself by creating boundaries in order to protect my own energy. I nourish myself physically and mentally. I also have been practicing receiving in that I accept compliments, I accept tips, I accept adoration, I allow myself to receive JOY.

So much of our daily habits form our reality, often times, without our knowledge.

Don’t get me wrong, earning this much money isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. When I saw this number, there was some fear and doubt. Fear that so much money arrived in June, and I don’t have that same expected income for July. Fear that I don’t know if I will EVER duplicate this. There was doubt that I deserved it. There was doubt whether or not this is even real.

But, I know from my deep depression last year and making the jump from full-time to part-time that when I feel the constriction of fear in my belly and my chest, closing my eyes and B R E A T H I N G deep, in and out, and imagining that I am a blob melting into the Universe, helps to ease the fear and uncertainty.

In a blog post earlier this year, I outlined many resources that helped me last year. You can find that blog post by clicking here. Honestly, though, being open to learning and dealing with my mental and emotional issues has led me to the perfect therapists/coaches/resources/experiences I needed in order to walk this path. There is no right or wrong! I assure you. Just be open and the resources will appear.

Real resources to help YOU achieve your dreams:

  1. Denise Duffield-Thomas-she has TONS of free content on her website, here, but doing her Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp has changed my life. Literally. Changed it. I kid you not. There is another LIVE ROUND of Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp happening in August, and I HIGHLY suggest you join along! In the meantime, you can take the Lucky Bitch Manigesting Course by clicking here,  or trying the Money in 24 Hours here. I am an affiliate for Denise, but this opinion IS completely my own, and I would never recommend something that doesn’t work or didn’t profoundly influence my life!

2. Maru Iabichela-Maru also has tons of free content to help you learn how to RECEIVE. Maru’s teachings were what really showed me how little teeny tiny things that I was saying or doing (or NOT saying or doing) were affecting my capacity to receive! She is incredible.

3. Playing Big by Tara Mohr-in this book Tara talks about how women tend to play small and how to change that. What I love most about this book is that she talks both philosophy AND gives plenty of practical action steps in order to help you play big.

4. Get a coach! I have had a couple of coaches in the past year that have REALLY helped me. One focused on Spirituality, and one is a business coach. These two ladies work SO WELL for me, but I encourage you to find a coach that suits YOU. (My coaches, Lauren Wardell + Liz Nead, pictured below!)

So, July is another month. So far this month (it’s July 5th right now), I’ve made $875. Will I hit $9000 again this month? I don’t know! So many possibilities are opening up for me. But I know that I CAN. Maybe not this month, but I know that financial abundance is not only a possibility, but a definite.


La Rae

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  1. Alicia

    Woohoo!! Look at you living the dream. So glad you’ve continued to follow your passion. I love seeing you so happy and successful and fulfilled! <3 <3


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