I am one of those girls.

Here’s a quick little happy post!

I love reading. I have ALWAYS loved reading. I haven’t made it enough of a priority in my life, despite being a part of a book club (LOL).

I’ve also been sooooo entrenched in self development that I am over it for a while, so I figured I’d get back into the fiction grind.

My favorite author is Sarah Addison Allen. I have read ALL of her books and wish she would write more! But alas, she has not, so I am left to find other authors that write similarly.

A friend of mine suggested Nora Roberts and I’m all like OH NO. Nora Roberts? Do I really want to be a person that reads Nora Roberts??

Well, I guess now I am! I looked through all of her books and picked one based on the titles.

The first book I picked up is Blue Dahlia, which is the first book in the series.

nora roberts blue dahlia

I have to say, this one did not disappoint. Sometimes us women just like our regular old romance. The story is sweet, it’s set in the South, and there is a ghost. What more could you need?

I finished it just in time, since it’s due back today! I will definitely be picking up the next book in the series, Black Rose!

What are you reading?

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