I’m Dreaming of White Countertops

Happy Sunday, all!

Today, it’s extremely cold here in Iowa and my furnace is having trouble keeping up! It’s a toasty 62 degrees in my house while outside, it’s around -21 with the wind chill!!! Gotta love those Iowa winters!

Anywho, we are making some progress in the kitchen! Nothing has been started yet, but pieces of the puzzle are arriving and the last big item we are waiting on is the counter tops. I figured I’d take this time to let you in on what has been decided thus far, and what we will be doing in the kitchen.

Since I’m not changing the cabinets, the typical farmhouse look of all white isn’t going to work. So I assume that my farmhouse kitchen is going to look much different than “pinterest” farmhouse kitchens. But I am really excited to see how this project turns out, and figured you all would want an update!

Soooo…the update so far:

  1. I’ve already gone over budget just a bit. When I originally got the estimate for the counter tops, they were on sale. Like, a lot on sale. So when I went back to actually buy them and they were no longer on sale, needless to say I was heartbroken. The good thing, though, is that Menards frequently has 11% rebates, which I received on my purchase!! The counter tops were$406.11+tax, and I got a nice rebate from that. I also got an %11 rebate on the sink! So, the joy of this is that I will use the rebates to buy my new over-the-sink light, and it will completely cover the cost.
  2. I chose Carrara Bianco laminate counter tops.    carerra 2                                                                                                                                     I decided that the White Ice Granite was just too much pattern and there was too much brown in the pattern. Carrara is, in my opinion, the most classic style of counter top that one can buy and I can’t WAIT to get them installed! I also splurged just a LITTLE bit on a Principal style edge vs. the modern style edge, which is $1 more per square foot. The Modern is rounded at the top, whereas the Principal style is flat. edge Collage
  3. I chose the one bowl sink!! Despite the opinions of nearly everyone on my Facebook page, I chose to go with the one bowl. Why you may ask? Well, the big factors include that I have a dishwasher and my own personal dish-washing style. I’m the type of person that just puts soap on the scrubber and washes dishes with that. I don’t fill up one bowl of sudsy water and one bowl of clean water. It’s just how I do things. I also don’t typically wash food items inside the sink. The biggest reason that I chose the one-bowl sink is simply because everyone else was against it. I always love a good underdog story, and I wanted to give the one bowl a chance.                                                                                                                                                                                                           sink 1
  4. I am going to trying mixing metals, and I am bringing brass back. WHAT? BRASS??!?! Yes, it’s crazy. However, I think the reason that everyone hates brass now is because it was always paired with oak in the past. Oak was a HUGE thing in the 80s and 90s, and I personally HATE OAK. Since I have darker cabinets, and there are lots of darker woods in my home, I think the mix of brass with the dark wood will look great. I also plan on distressing it to look antique.

mixing metals 3

This photo inspired the brass idea. This photo is from a blog I found last week, Chris Loves Julia, that I now ADORE. Their decor is really what I would consider my own style, but as previously stated, I really want to stay true to the character of our current home. Anywho, this photo really made the wheels turn in my head on how I could bring brass back.

mixing metals 1

This photo shows how cool it is to mix metals. I’ve never really done this before, but I’ve seen other bloggers do it and I really think it will look cool. I plan on having brass drawer pulls and oil-rubbed bronze cabinet knobs. I’m excited to see how this turns out!

So this is my update thus far! I just approved our counter tops yesterday, so it will probably be 7-10 days until they show up at Menards! Then the real work will begin!

Thanks for reading!

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