Just babies.

No, I didn’t imply there are those on the way.

What I mean is, look at these two.


Just babies.

No idea what was in store for them. No idea that their world would be turned upside down in just a matter of years.

Life is so hard. As Taylor Swift says, Life makes love look hard. Love isn’t hard, life is hard. But sometimes it takes love down with it.

Life doesn’t care if you just got married. Life sets you on the path you were meant to be on with no regard for your feelings.

So here we are now.


Not babies anymore. Adults who have had a really hard couple of years. We are older, maybe wiser. Tougher, less hopeful. We are weary.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep the faith, ya know?

But we dig our nails into it to keep it here.

Because to not go crazy, you just have to keep believing.

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