Kitchen Phase 1-Done!

Sometimes when you get something you’ve wanted for a long time, you just can’t believe it.

Ever since we moved into this house, I have wanted to change the kitchen. Unfortunately, it was never on the top of our list, and I also didn’t have enough money to do the project. But now that Phase 1 of the kitchen renovation is done, I am just full of joy.

Here is a before photo of the kitchen:


If you can remember, the cabinets, while not my favorite, are still in pretty good condition. That’s the only good think about this kitchen, though. The dark cabinets, black counter top, and stainless sink really make everything look very dark. While this might not bother everyone, we have a Great Room set up, and the other side of the room, the Living Room portion, is pretty light. So it creates a huge inbalance and the weight of the room is off.

Through the remodel, I wanted to lighten up the area while making it seem more sophisticated. Originally, I wanted to have farmhouse decor, but I’m not really sure now. Now that I’ve gotten so many new pieces that are what I truly love, I’m not sure that’s the direction that I am going to take. It’s ok to change your mind with your decor!! We will just see where it goes.

So far for this project, we’ve spent (all costs include tax and are rounded up for ease):

Counter tops (Carrara Biano laminate with Principal edge, from Menards): $406

Sink: $164

sink 1

Faucet: $104


Cabinet hardware (not shown): $63

Light (not yet purchased): FREE (thanks to a Menards 11% rebate from sink and counters!)

Subway tile/supplies: Already have from bathroom remodel

Total: $736

I also sold the old counter top for $20, am working on selling the old sink for $20, old drawer pulls for $5, and I will sell the light for probably $20. If this all happens, then I will be under budget!!

About the process:

I did this project because my hubby has a bad back/his ribs keep coming out of place, so he wasn’t confident in starting the bathroom. I of course intended to do this project all myself, but I realized quickly that I couldn’t do it all myself when I felt how HEAVY the counters were…SO FREAKING HEAVY!!

Anyways, I took the old sink out myself rather easily, and also took the old counter tops out myself too, which wasn’t easy, but also not hard. I did break the cabinet a little, but nothing a little glue couldn’t fix.

My husband had to help me when it came to putting the new counters on, and luckily our friend was also here to help. It took all 3 of us to finagle the put together “L” portion of the counter top on. It took only about 2 hours for us to get the new counter tops in, which I thought was pretty darn good!

So with that all said…….are you ready to see the new counters?!?!?!?!





IMG_9901 IMG_9903

Sorry that these photos aren’t better….I haven’t really had time to style or anything, and this is how it looks from day to day anyways. It’s nice to live in la-la-land and think that people don’t have shit all over their counters, but we all know they do.

So, there you have it!! Phase 1 of the kitchen remodel is DONE!! And it honestly wasn’t event that hard!!

Phase 2 will consist of: putting all the new drawer/cabinet pulls on, putting the new light in, doing the subway tile backsplash, and then getting new outlet covers (because as you can see, there aren’t any…). I will probably tackle these projects in a few weeks, and the tile will give me some practice for the bathroom. 🙂

Thank you for reading this post! In the comments, let me know what you think!

kitchen phase 1


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