Kitchen Phase 2 is COMPLETE!!!


In case you’re just joining us, I’d like to introduce you to the beginning of this project.

Here is our kitchen BEFORE.


The Plan: To lighten up the area and give it a more light, airy feel, but without painting the cabinets.

So, I decided to get new, light counter tops, a new white, one bowl sink, new faucet, do a subway tile back splash, update drawer pulls and add cabinet knobs, and change the light fixture.

Here is the end of phase one: counter tops installed and we got a new sink with a new faucet. IMG_9901

After completing phase one, I was pretty exhausted, which is why it took me over a month to complete phase two. However, I knew I had to get it done, so one morning, I just decided to start it!

Subway tile is INCREDIBLY easy to do, especially if you have the right tools. 

Phase two took me about 15 hours total but would have taken less time if I would have had the right tools right away. This includes a wet saw.

I started the project using just a cheap tile cutter, which pretty much scores the top of it, and you break it. This took FOREVER, and there wasn’t any way to cut those wonky shaped tiles that go around the outlets, so I ended up needing a wet saw anyways. So just buy it and get it over with and use it!

So without further ado, here is the end of Phase Two: Subway tile has been completed, new outlet covers, drawer pulls and knobs have been installed, and we switched the light fixtures!

kitchen final 1kitchen final 6 kitchen final 5 kitchen final 4 kitchen final 3  kitchen final 7

The photos just don’t do it justice. It feels so beautiful in here now, and the subway tile made a HUGE difference.

I also wanted to experiment with mixing metals, and I used chrome and oil-rubbed bronze. I wasn’t sure about this at first, but now, I am loving it! The chrome scared me at first, but since it’s reflective, it truly gives that extra light I was looking for.

The kitchen still isn’t done, per se. I haven’t caulked the top or bottom seal of the subway tile yet, I’d like to paint the underside of the cabinets, and I am still working on the window covering (I will be writing an entire post on this escapade).

In case you are interested, here is a list of items purchased for this project-some of these are affiliate links, but are the actual items I bought and I LOVE them!

Outlet covers

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Cabinet Knobs

Chrome Drawer Pulls

Coffee Mug Rack



Rug that is barely visible is from, which is a seriously amazing resource if you are looking for a stunning rug! Highly recommend!

I will update you all again once the final items on my to-do list are completed, and I will be doing a few tutorial posts soon 🙂

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you are inspired to create your beautiful, supportive space.


La Rae

kitchen before and after phase 2

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