Obligatory New Year’s Post & My Word for 2016

It’s New Year’s Eve Eve, so I figured it was a nice quiet evening to sit down and write this post. It’s always a good idea to evaluate your actions and the things that have happened, but sometimes I feel like New Year’s posts are just too much. I hope to make this post enjoyable and inspirational without being too corny.

Years ago, I worked at a small, local bank. While the pay wasn’t very good, I was still in college, and I loved my job and the people I worked with. My boss there was honestly so awesome, and she led me to the work of Jon Gordon. Jon Gordon is a self-help author, if you will, but he teaches through stories. The first book of his that I read was The Energy Bus, which is something that I highly recommend reading. It’s a simple, easy read with a powerful message.

But I digress.

Jon Gordon introduced me to the idea of having a word for your year-just one thing that you are going to focus on for the year. Sometimes we create so many resolutions that it’s impossible to stay excited about them.

So, the first year I knew about this practice, my word was “believe.” I don’t really remember what my word was the 2nd year, and I forgot about this practice for a couple of years, but this year’s word was:


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Now, I didn’t really intend for my 2015 word to be courage. I didn’t sit down on December 31, 2014, and think, well, I am going to work on courage next year!

But that’s what happened.

I’ve pretty much spent my whole life being afraid, and this year has definitely taught me the principles of courage, but not in the way I expected. I’ve learned that courage isn’t something you have or don’t have-it’s something you have to give to yourself, something you have to fight for and prove to yourself. There were times this year where I was terrified, but I had to give myself a pep talk and say “How far am I willing to go in order to get what I want?” And it turns out, I will do what I have to do to get what I want.

Now, I am sitting here on December 30, 2015, deciding what my focus for 2016 will be. My 2016 word is:



Because I practiced courage this year, I have gained so much clarity on what I want out of life. I have a lot of hefty goals, most of which I am not comfortable divulging yet because there are a lot of dream-stealers in my life. The next step to achieving these goals is trusting the Universe.

Trust is courage in action.

Of course, I am just dying for the day when I will wake up and have on my daily agenda exactly the things I want to do. But for now, there are a few stepping stones I need to walk on in order to get there. I really have to just let go and trust that everything is happening for me, for a reason, and in my best interest. I have to trust that all that I am meant to be, I will be, and I need to keep plugging away at this dream, yet I can still let loose and have fun. I have to enjoy the journey.

Hopefully that wasn’t too stuffy or sentimental.

What will your word for 2016 be?


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One thought on “Obligatory New Year’s Post & My Word for 2016

  1. Mindy

    I love this idea!!! “Trust is courage in action” is one of my new favorite lines. I’m still thinking able it what my word will be for 2016, but this is an excellent motivator to get me thinking about it!


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