The Great Uterus Attack of 2017

This is going to be a weird post, and it involves a small amount of back story, but please, stick with me.

For the past few days, my uterus has been attacking my body more than it EVER has in my 16 years of having my Moon Time Cycle. (What’s a Moon Time? Click here to find out.)

But, the story here begins on Monday night (2 days ago) when I had a family photo session in a spot that I’ve always wanted to shoot at, but never have. This spot is a bit off the beaten path, and the grass was very tall. My clients were a little apprehensive, but we did it anyways. I made a joke about how I should’ve brought a lawn mower to mow a path down to the creek.

The next night, the night that my uterus began attacking me, aka, giving me terrible, debilitating cramps, the worst I have ever experienced, I had a dream that I drove by the creek and saw that someone had in fact mowed a path down to the creek.

This will come into play soon.

I started getting these excruciating cramps around 3pm yesterday (Tuesday) after having a HUGE AHA about my life and my next steps on following my dreams. Upper limiting myself already? I thought. I knew this was a good thing, even though it was painful. It means I am onto something. I also knew I should take a bath, but I didn’t (because my husband has to take a bath every night, and I didn’t want to interfere with his hot water…country life!). So I went to bed and hoped I would be better in the morning.

Well, I wasn’t. I woke up at 6am with these pains, and decided to finally take a bath, which worked almost instantly, as I knew it would!

I figured I would take a bath, then get up when my alarm went off and go to work.

An hour of sleep passed, my alarm went off, and I had a decision to make: listen to my body, which said, stay home and take care of yourself, or, ignore the pain and go to work. After another attack hit me right as I was making that choice, I realized I needed to stay home. I got back into the bath for another hour long soak, and went back to bed.

I woke up around noon feeling better, for a while. I didn’t have another attack until about 3pm. Bless my husband, he went to get me Midol from the store and googled ways to make me feel better. He got me some zinc, fish oil pills, and ibuprofen. But, the cramps persisted.

So back into the bath I went.

I decided to take a book with me, a book that I’m reading called You Are a Badass.

While reading, I was thinking about all the things my business coach and I had discussed the day before, and I started thinking about the idea I had received. Which then led to another idea. Which led to me understanding why my body was attacking me. My body was attacking me to create the situation where I would slow down enough to divinely receive my next big project.

And I realized that my dream about a path being made to the water was a metaphor for me being led to my new project. It also made sense why I had to get into the bath in order to realize this: water is a conduit for creativity and spirituality.


I also realized that these cramps I am feeling are me literally attempting to birth this new project and new phase into my life, and that yet again, a woman’s connection to her cycle, her womb, and her blood is the most powerful thing in the world.

Sorry, I’m not telling you what that is right now! But I am so thankful for everything that has transpired over the past 72 hours to bring me to this point.

Thank you, Universe. Thank you, I love you, Thank you, more please.


La Rae

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