The Randall Homestead’s Biggest Pain in the Ass

If you read the title of this post, you know what you’re getting yourself into. You’re about to hear a long story about the worst room of our house.

Are you ready to go on this trip down memory lane with me?

Here we go.

This is how the basement looked when we bought it:


Ugly green grass like carpet, boob lights, and the other side, which isn’t shown, was just a big nasty room with a washer and dryer.

We immediately took the green carpet out, leveled the floor, and added vinyl flooring. We also turned this section of the basement into a bar/game room. Little did we know, all of our hard work would go to waste.

The last week of May, 2013, the week before our wedding, it started raining. And raining. And it didn’t stop. And our basement flooded. ONE WEEK BEFORE OUR WEDDING. Talk about a buzzkill!

So unfortunately, we had to cut the drywall. At this point, we didn’t pull up the vinyl flooring, even though we should’ve. We thought it would be fine, and we didn’t want to waste the $1000 we spent on it!

So we contacted the insurance company, and replacing the drywall was covered, so we got estimates to  do this project. But luckily, we never did, because our basement has flooded EVERY YEAR.

Along the way, we updated one of the dungeon rooms, took a wall out to make the basement feel bigger, ripped out the vinyl to find that there was mildew underneath it, I scrubbed the floor and then ended up staining it. Here are a few photos so you can see what we’ve had for about 3 years.

IMG_3185 IMG_3184

With that said, I am excited to announce that this complete pain in the ass part of our house is our next big project!! In a 1200 sq. ft. house, every little bit of space is important, and we really need this space to work for us!

Here are the plans:

The new layout


We need the basement to VERY multi-functional, as you can see in my little drawing, but I am confident we can make it work.

Here are photos of the basement from the past few days.

As you walk down the stairs, there used to be a door to the laundry room door to the left. We have taken this door out, and we will be making that a wall.


The old door placement, closer up.


The new door placement-we widened it because we usually have to bring in pretty big objects and we’re tired of having to take things apart to move them. We are also going to forego a traditional door and put a sliding barn door here 🙂


And here is the MESS that is our laundry room right now!! No organization, dark, and dungeon like. We are going to change that!


Here is what’s slated for the remodel:

We are attempting to make sure that this basement floods NO MORE. We have a concrete crew coming in on Monday to level the floor. Once the concrete is done, we are going to drylok the floor so that we don’t get water in that way.

Plumber is coming on Tuesday to fix all of our leaks (see all the buckets?! Yeah, we have a large leak!) He will also give us an estimate for putting in a half bath and will also bring a plug for the drain that causes the flooding…because apparently that’s all it would’ve taken all along!

In the photo, you can barely see, but there are 3 spots where there used to be windows. On the outside of the house, these windows have been covered by foam foundation insulation. We are going to cut the insulation and put in NEW windows so that there is natural light down here. This is the south side of the house, and the sun is ALWAYS shining here.

Do you see the door in the back of the photo? That’s the sump pump room. While it’s incredibly gross, we think we can make it work for storage and a canning room. We will be cleaning that up, dryloking the walls and floor, and adding windows.

Here is the inspiration for my design plans:

We are going to update the stairway to look like this:

lr inspo 7

This is the barn door inspiration from Jenna Sue Design blog, one of my FAVORITE design blogs! She used actual reclaimed barn wood to build this.

lr inspo 6

We’re going to paint the ceiling, which is my least favorite thing to do in the whole world, so hopefully I can pay someone to do this for me!

lr inspo 5

The following photos showcase the mood I’d like for the laundry room: light, airy, and fresh.

lr inso  lr inspo 3 lr inspo 4

We are also going to do this checkboard pattern on the floor 🙂

lr inspo 2

For this project, I am going to try out Magnolia Paint from Joanna Gaines. My first sample is on its way!!

The other side of the basement will be the gym and game room and will definitely flow from the laundry room, but will have a different feel. We will talk about that once the laundry room/workroom/studio is finished 🙂

So, what do y’all think? What are your favorite design ideas?

Thanks for reading!


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