Too Many Circles.

Lately I feel like even though I work from home and usually have an entire day to get things done, I don’t. I can’t. I get overwhelmed really easily. I always have, and while I do have an idea why, that’s a whole other story for another day.

The anxiety of overwhelm is crippling. Some days I feel like I will never have any order in my life. Some days I justify the chaos with “I’m creative, chaos is natural.” And while that’s true, it’s exhausting. Sometimes, I just want order.

Someday, I will have a weekly maid. Or even a daily maid. And perhaps, a paid assistant. But right now, I don’t. It’s just little ol’ me.

But lately I have been thinking back to the time where I had a coaching session or therapy session, which ever you want to call it, with my former coach Rebecca McLoughlin. One of the things she talked about popped into my head.


Closing the circle.

This is a metaphor she used to talk about the process of a project. Every project is a circle, and it has to be closed. But when we don’t finish projects, the circles remain open, and there are energy leaks.

Ahhhhhhhhh. Light bulb moment.

I have too many circles open. I am not finishing the things I start. Energy is leaking everywhere, causing overwhelm, anxiety, and feeling like I’m floating all the time.

Here are some examples of circles I need to close:

Finish the upstairs bathroom.

Finish the downstairs bathroom.

Finish the basement renovations.



Finish reading my book that I’ve had for like 5 library cycles.

Folding and putting away laundry once I’ve washed it (anyone else leave it in a laundy basket for a few days or weeks before doing this??)

Basically, all of my home projects have been put on the backburner during wedding season, which I’m not sure can be helped. But I’m looking forward to getting those things done this winter, if not sooner.

Want to read Rebecca’s blog post about this? Click here.

Do you have any circles that are still open for you? What ones will be the easiest to close? Start with that one!

Sending you love on this journey <3

La Rae

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    1. La Rae Awakened Post author

      YES!!! I can’t claim the trademark for the phrase, but it is definitely something that affects daily life very much…glad you found it useful! <3


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