What they don’t tell you about following your heart

My cute little VW Van shaped coffee mug is one joy of my mornings. It brings me so much happiness.

This morning I was filling my cup, desperately seeking joy from my coffee, when the wording on the inside of the mug hit me a little differently today.

“Follow Your Heart.”


It’s something I’ve always told myself + have recently had the chance to follow that advice down a very unsure path.

But this morning, after such a dark night, my inner voice said, “There is so much they don’t tell you about following your heart.”


When people say “Follow your heart!” in business or life, they are saying it to you once they’ve already made it out of the darkness that follows. They know they are out of it, so they can tout that joy.

People rarely say it when they are in the darkness. The darkness that is fear of not being able to pay your mortgage.

The fear of equipment breaking and not having money to replace it.

The fear that you can’t make it, that it could all slip away so easily and you will be fucked.

Yes. I rarely have dark nights of the soul. But I guess they wouldn’t be good for you if you got nothing out of them, no?

So today, I know there are some safety nets I need to put into place to make my darkness not seem so vast and frightening, so all-encompassing. I need to make those things a priority.

After all, the only person you have to take responsibility of your life, at the end of the day, is yourself.

La Rae

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