The Things You Need to KNOW in Order to Succeed in Life

Everyone has a different definition of “success.” To some, it’s having a family. To others, it’s starting a business, or following a dream, or traveling the world, etc. You get it.

To me, success is having time and money freedom. That’s what I’m working towards in everything I do, and it’s what I mean when I say success. I hear a lot of people complain about going to work or not being “rich,” when in this day in age, it’s actually pretty easy to make good money. Easy, as in the opportunities are there. But of course, hard, as in, you have to put in the time and effort. That’s, of course, why not everyone is financially wealthy (Not even me! I’m not quite there yet.)

But besides putting in the long hours and elbow grease to become financially wealthy, there are other things that a person needs in order to “succeed.” These are often things that you won’t find on a list on Forbes or Entrepreneur. No, these are kind of fluffy, emotional, psychological things that people DO NOT like to talk about, but are really, really, really important.

This list I am about to share with you is actually a good starting point in your mental game for ANYTHING you want to accomplish in life, whether it be becoming a millionaire, writing a book, getting a new job, losing weight. I truly believe that the psychology of accomplishing anything comes down to these simple truths.

I could’ve called this list The Thing You Need to BELIEVE in Order to Succeed, but I didn’t. I called this list The Things You Need to KNOW in Order to Succeed because believing isn’t enough. You have to KNOW DEEP DOWN IN YOUR BONES that these things are true.

So, what the hell are they?

  1. You need to KNOW it is possible: Some people already ruin their chances at success by thinking that it’s not possible to achieve whatever goal is in their heart. Perhaps no one else around them has achieved this goal, perhaps you think you’re not smart enough, clever enough, pretty enough. These things do not matter. You can do anything.
  2. You need to KNOW when fear is making your decisions for you: In my line of work at my part time job, I am constantly exposed to entrepreneurs. I’m basically a business coach. And a lot of times, I see business owners making excuses for not doing things. This makes me extremely sad because most of the time, fear is their guiding emotion. Fear will always be there. It will. However, it doesn’t always have to make the decisions for you. All you have to do is have one big moment of courage, and if you will let go of fear’s hold forever.
  3. You need to KNOW that you can handle whatever accompanies your success: Another big hang up that I have a lot is another part of fear, but worth mentioning on its own: the responsibility of success, which often includes maintenance. There are so many positives of achieving your goals and dreams, but there are dark sides to the positives. What if people don’t like me anymore? What if people only like me because I have achieved my goal? What if I can’t maintain this level of success? What if I don’t have time to do things I love anymore? Whatever fears you hold here, just know that you can handle anything.
  4. You need to KNOW that you may need help along the way: This was a really tough one for me to learn, but you cannot do everything all the time. You will need help. You will need a shoulder to cry on. Hell, you may need a therapist. But it’s best to give up the notion that you can do everything on your own now, maybe spare yourself a headache.
  5. And most of all, the thing that is MOST IMPORTANT TO KNOW is that YOU ARE WORTHY AND DESERVING of whatever it is that you’re going after. This is the big one. This is the whopper of the list because it’s often the HARDEST to BELIEVE, let alone KNOW DEEP IN YOUR BONES. But regardless of the mistakes you’ve made up until this point, regardless of your skin color, religion, sexual identity or orientation, all those things, YOU DESERVE TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS, DREAMS, AND LIVE THE LIFE YOU’VE ALWAYS IMAGINED.

I am sure that more could be added to this list, but I believe that these are the 5 basic concepts that anyone attempting to achieve a goal needs to know.

Which one gives you the most trouble?

Let me know!


La Rae

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